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Trends Presentation Products – The Turned Edge Advantage

In this era of mass production we have made custom turned edge products our specialty. This style of construction is perfect for the custom binder market, because of the wide variety of material choices, decorating options and the ability to produce special sizes and small quantities with minimal tooling.  Designers, ad agencies and other creative professionals love it!

Turned Edge products convey a classic, prestigious image
This is how quality books and binders have been bound for centuries.

More cover material options than other binder styles
Just about anything that can be glued and wrapped over board can be used as a turned edge cover material.  Common choices include: leather, imitation leathers, supported vinyl, canvas, bookcloth, coated paper, uncoated paper, and printed / laminated sheets.

Longer shelf life than standard vinyl binders
Depending on the cover material, turned edge binders can last 2 to 3 times longer than sealed vinyl binders. They are more durable and can be designed to hold a lot of weight or withstand heavy usage.

More profitable for resellers
Typically there is less competition with this product because fewer sales reps offer turned edge binders. Turned Edge is an ideal way to move away from commodity business to selling custom products designed to meet your customer’s unique needs.  Now your customer perceives you as valuable packaging solution expert!

Ideal construction style for today’s elaborate graphics
Everyone wants full 4-color graphics on their packaging.  Turned edge is the perfect answer… Offset printed and laminated litho wraps for larger production runs (usually less expensive than 4-color vinyl) and digital printed wraps for quantities under 2,000 pieces.  No more ugly sealing gutters interrupting continuous graphics, and bleeds are automatic since the cover material wraps to the inside. Screenprinting, foil stamping, embossing and debossing are other options you can choose from.

Perfect for special sizes or small quantities
Unlike many other types of construction styles, odd sized turned edge binders can be hand assembled in smaller quantities, without expensive tooling or machine setup.  (Three dimensional items like boxes or slipcases do require cutting dies, but can be wrapped by hand.)

Eliminate "Cold Crack" risk
Shipping standard vinyl binders in the middle of winter can result in your customer receiving binders with cracked hinge areas.

Designers, Ad Agencies, Marketing Professionals and other creative people love it
Turned edge products allow people to utilize their creative skills because there are so many options.  They also love it because it’s not the same old boring look.

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